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As you may know, it can be difficult to sell your house quick. They may have design flaws like tiny bedrooms with no closets. Or you may live in an area that has seen an increase in crime. Theft and violent offenses destroy the market value of a home. The constant presence of the police or emergency response team will scare away many possible investors.

More often than not, homeowners need to keep their property clean in order to list it. In some situations, you rent furniture to ‘stage’ an ideal home. Trash and yard debris has to be removed. And all junk has to be cleaned out before you hand over the fees, or you are charged a removal fee.

With We Buy Houses, you don’t have to concern yourself with any of that. Remember, we are here for your convenience. Our goal is to make the sale of your home as comfortable as possible. You can even set the date that you plan to move out. How convenient is that? Once you hand us the keys, we accept the home as-is and you are free to walk away without any penalty.

That means We Buy Houses provides fast cash with no commission costs, no fees, no repairs, no junk removal, and no out of pocket costs. Not to mention, there is no obligation to accept our offer. After you meet with one of our professional acquisition agents if you don’t like the cash offer we provide for your real estate, you can simply decline without any penalty.

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We Buy Your House For A Fair Price

We Buy Homes is a large, expansive company with local agents all over the country. That means we have the expertise and financial backing that many of our competitors lack. Our professional and knowledgeable staff are well trained in buying houses “wholesale.” We can quickly assess the value of your home and provide you with a cash offer that is fast, reliable, and fair.

Though we are a sizable company, our local teams provide a personalized and caring touch. They understand the specific struggles of your local real estate market and can relate to many of the issues you face. We know how personal selling a home can be. We want to provide you a cash offer that you can fee good about. We understand how choosing to sell a home for quickly is a difficult choice. It is important to take the time to make an educated decision. Let’s look at how expensive the traditional method of selling a house can be.

The first step to sell your house quick on the real estate market is to find a listing agent. If you have an unattractive house, many agents do not want to waste their time. They expect to be paid 6% of your sales earnings, and if they expect your house will be a lot of work for little reward, they may avoid you altogether. But, if you find an agent willing to work with you, the work has just begun. Houses sell better if they are clean, free of junk, and sometimes staged. That requires spending lots of man-hours keeping the house clean or hiring cleaning support. If your home has a lot of junk or debris, you may need to hire a removal service. The effort it takes to keep a house presentable for viewings takes a lot of time and some money.

Not to mention, while your house sits on the market, you are still responsible for all the costs associated with it. The mortgage still needs to be paid. The taxes and insurance are still due. The utilities still run. A house sitting on the market can rack up thousands of dollars in just maintenance fees.

I Want To Sell My House

Are you crippled by the thought, “I want to sell my house but don’t have the time, energy, or money?”

You are not alone! Increasingly more people are turning to fast cash options rather than struggling through traditional methods of selling their houses. For some people, the emotional, physical, and financial costs of listing the home and searching for the right buyer is not only uncomfortable but impossible.

With most houses, it takes an average of three months to sell. If your house needs repairs, it could be much longer. If your property is located in an undesirable area, like in a floodplain or near a cemetery, it will be longer. If your house is full of junk, possibly left by a deceased relative, it will be longer. There are a lot of factors that will slow down the sell of your house, and the longer it sits on the market the more money you spend.

We Buy Homes is an equity purchasing company that was specifically created to help homeowners who are unable or unwilling to sell their house through conventional channels. We are designed with the intention to close the sale quickly with no additional costs for the seller. Don’t feel defeated.

The best part is, you have nothing to lose! Once you have our offer, you are free to accept or decline it without any out of pocket costs or penalty. So call us! Schedule an appointment with one of our professional acquisition agents to do a walk through.

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Will You Buy My House?

We understand that the majority of the time when people turn to cash for houses companies, it’s due to a personal reason. Whether it is family trauma, financial difficulties, or natural disasters, we’ve seen it all and we get it. Don’t feel shy, embarrassed, or ashamed. We have seen it all and know how hard it is to cope through such situations.

If you want to sell your property quickly for cash, you need to understand what types of cash for houses companies are out there. Some companies can actually do more harm than good.

It is important to realize when a seller accepts an offer for real estate, the person buying is legally allowed to back out due to contingency clauses often written in the agreement. One common contingency clause is based on funding. They must be able to secure funding or the buyer is allowed to back out of the agreement with little or no penalty. That becomes tricky business when dealing with some cash for houses companies.

Some smaller untrustworthy equity purchasing companies take advantage of these contingencies and make offers that they know they cannot afford, with the hopes that a different property of theirs will sell. Without the sell of the previous property, they are unable to fund the cash offer that they made.

With the offer in hand, you have several things to lose when the buyer backs out. The biggest expense is the opportunity costs. The time it takes to deal with a bogus offer is the time you could have spent finding a different buyer. You are back at square one and may have passed up better opportunities. You are also still having to pay on the mortgage, utility costs, and maintenance for the home you are selling. Simply put, companies that offer cash for houses knowing that they lack the funding can potentially cost you a lot of money.

One way to spot sketchy behavior is by noticing their interactions during the assessment. Do they fail to respond when you are expecting them to? Do they send you documents unsigned or partially completed? This could be a stalling tactic to try to buy them some time. And most importantly, how is their reputation? Do they have a website? How easily can you get them on the phone? If they are avoiding being contacted, they most likely are dodging upset clients. We recommend that you ask for proof of financing before accepting any offer.

We Buy Houses Quickly

We invest in real estate of all types, conditions, or sizes. For the tiny dilapidated shack that sits on an overgrown and neglected property to the pristine mansion on a well-manicured hill, we are interested in most everything. That includes a commercial properties, stand-alone home, townhouses, condos, multi-family units, and units that are currently being rented.

We might be able to help even with a property that is not yours. Do you live in a neighborhood that has an abandoned lot or house? Unattractive properties can run down the value of all the houses in the neighborhood. If you live close, it could be difficult to sell your house. Contact us. We may be able to reach out to the owner with a cash offer. Depending on how motivated they are to sell, we might be able to increase the value of your home.

From property in immaculate condition, to severely damaged or neglected, We Buy Houses seeks a range of investment opportunities. Don’t let the sale of your home become an emotional, spiritual, or financial crisis. We don’t want you to suffer. We have solutions and our local agents are ready to assist you.

We are a large company, nationwide. We are ready to prove our financial status when we make the offer. Our goal is to make your life less complicated while we quickly put cash in your hands.

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A Better Way

I Buy Houses In Any Condition

Because of their location, many houses are identified and judged as “undesirable” or “unattractive” by realtors and home buyers. Once a property is labeled, it takes a miracle to find willing home investors. But We Buy Houses is interested in investment opportunities of all types, in all locations, and in all conditions. Don’t worry if your property is unattractive to most buyers. We are here to help put fast cash in your hands.

We Buy Homes is the best choice for anyone who is eager to sell their home fast for cash. Our size, reputation, and accountability make us the most sought-after company in the industry.
We understand what a sensitive time this must be. Our purpose is to support homeowners to secure fast solutions and get cash in hand quickly. If you feel stuck, drained, and overwhelmed from managing and marketing your home, we are here to help.

The first step is to reach out to us with your houses specifications. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplaces, and garages does your house have? What is the lot size? What other vital information do you want us to consider when calculating the value of your home.

Once we have your information, we will schedule a time when we can come out to see your property as-is, which means no cleaning, staging, or repairs. We will do a thorough walk through and provide a cash offer. As mentioned before, this offer is complete without risk. You are free to accept our offer or decline it with no additional costs or penalty fee for you. It’s that simple. You get to determine what date you will move out, hand over the keys and walk away. Take what you want and leave the rest.

What do you have to lose? Contact us today to see how we can help you get cash in hand!

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