We Buy Houses As Is

There are many reasons why some homeowners need to sell homes quickly. For instance, did you just learn that extensive structural problems must be addressed before you sell? Repairs are expensive up-front costs. Did a family member pass away, leaving you with their neglected and damaged home? Maybe you own a rental property where problem renters refuse to leave and rarely pay rent. The eviction process is such a huge hassle.

Needing To Sell Your House As Is Quickly?

Some homes are very difficult to sell because of their location. Once a home is deemed ‘undesirable’ or ‘unattractive’ by buyers, it can take nothing short of a miracle to unload it. For instance, perhaps your property is located on a floodplain. Maybe a cemetery is next door. Or maybe the crime in your neighborhood has gotten worse recently. Firetrucks, ambulances, and police cars are regular visitors to your neighborhood.

Whether your roof is caving in or the emergency response team drives by regularly, don’t worry, We Buy Homes can help. Our mission is to help sellers who feel stuck and overwhelmed with the selling process. It’s what we do.

We buy houses as is. It’s as simple as that. We specialize in helping sellers of all walks of life, in any situation, sell their homes for fast cash. All our clients have one important thing in common, they want to sell their homes quickly.

We Buy Homes provides a fast solution with no fees, no commission costs, and no repairs. Not to mention, our offer is obligation free. If you are not satisfied, you can truly take it or leave it. Don’t let the process of selling your home frustrate you or wear you down. Call us today to find out how we can help.

We Buy Houses As Is

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    Types Of Homes We Buy As Is

    We Buy Homes is interested in investment properties of all types and any condition. That includes tiny run-down slums to immaculate multimillion dollar mansions. No matter the type or condition of the property our goal is to help sellers who can’t or don’t want to go through the traditional channels of selling their home. That includes singular houses, townhouses, condos, multi-family units, and even commercial properties. Let us hear from you if you are seeking a quick sale.

    Is there an abandoned home on an overgrown lot running down in your neighborhood? Neglected properties can hurt the value of the entire neighborhood. They can make the sale of the house next door nearly impossible. Give us a call. We might be able to contact the owner with a cash offer.

    We Buy Homes seek investment properties ranging from pristine condition, some minor issues, or severely damaged or neglected. If your home has become an emotional, mental, or financial burden, we can help. Don’t suffer. There are solutions to these problems and our local real estate professionals can assist you.

    Our staff is a highly trained and compassionate team that specializes in buying homes “wholesale.” We can even help if your problem is with financial issues, like liens or pre-forclosure. No matter the condition of your home, location of your property, or your financial hurdles, you could be just a week from having cash in pocket. What do you have to lose?

    A Faster Way

    How To Get Started

    Once you realize how simple it is to work with We Buy Homes, you will question why you did not try this sooner! If you haven’t done so already, the first step, of course, is to gather your property specifications. What type of property do you want to sell? Is it a stand-alone home or a townhouse? What is the square footage or acreage? How many bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, or any other vital information which can be used to determine the value of your property.

    Once you have collected all this information, it is time to call We Buy Homes. One of our professional local field agents can discuss the type of property you have and set an appointment to viewing. Unlike when you host an open house or arrange a traditional walkthrough, you do not have to concern yourself with cleaning or arranging furniture. Remember, we buy homes as is and we have seen all types of properties in all types of conditions.

    Because we have bought thousands of investment properties from all across the country, we can quickly assess the market value and your asking price. We are also skilled and assessing the condition of your property and the need for major repairs. We pride ourselves in being swift, accurate, and fair in our calculations. We are able to make a cash offer the same day as we view your home. It’s as simple as that. Plus, our offer is completely obligation free. There are no fees or penalties involved. You are free to take the offer or leave it.

    You are selling a house as is, which means once the sale is finalized, you are free to leave it in the condition that you have it. You don’t have to remove unwanted items. You are not required to clean up debris or manicure the lawn. You are free to go, no questions asked. How great is that? Rightfully so, many people feel skeptical of agencies that offer cash for homes. There are many agencies that abuse the practice. We respect your caution. But there are ways to ensure the legitimacy and professionalism of an agency. You can protect yourself from being a victim to scam artists.

    Some agencies waste your time and hold up the sale of your home by not truly having cash funds available. You have the right to ask for verification of funds before accepting an offer. We encourage you to verify means of cash funding before making agreements. Our skilled acquisition agents are ready to provide proof of funding at the time of the offer.

    Do your research. Know who you are working with. If any agency avoids providing their name or contact information, they most likely are concealing their reputation. We Buy Homes is up-front, honest, and fair. We have nothing to hide and we are ready to answer questions so that you feel comfortable and cared for during the process of a quick sale.

    We Buy Houses As Is Quickly

    Why Work With Us?

    The traditional process of selling a house as is not easy. It takes months to market your property and search for potential homebuyers. More specifically, it takes an average of three months to sell any home, even in great condition. Of course, if your house is in an undesirable location or some issues need to be addressed, your property could sit on the market for a very long time. That is expensive and exhausting.

    The expenses can accumulate quickly. The typical rate for a real estate agent is 6% of your sales earnings. The constant hassle of keeping your house clean and presentable can cost money in cleaning fees or can waste your time. Home inspectors charge money and more often than not find repairs that need to be done before you sell your property. Mortgage payments, taxes, homeowners fees, or any other out of pocket costs can quickly become too much. You could spend thousands of dollars trying to sell your home.

    For some people, the traditional method of selling a home is not only uncomfortable, but it is also impossible. We Buy Homes is an equity purchasing company that is specifically designed to help people who are unable or just don’t want to sell their property through conventional channels. Our methods were designed to complete the transaction fast with no additional costs for the seller.

    We Buy Homes focuses on providing distressed property owners the support they need and easy solutions for difficult properties. If you are selling a house as is and feel overwhelmed by the time, money, and effort it requires, give us a call.  You have nothing to lose. You are free to accept or deny our claim with no penalty or fee. So, call us now and make an appointment for one of our professional acquisition officers to view your home. Let’s get cash in your hands as quickly as possible.

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