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We Buy Homes is an equity purchasing company designed to assist troubled homeowners who wish to sell their properties quickly for cash. Some people don’t want or simply cannot use the traditional methods of finding a listing agent, cleaning, repairing, and staging their home, listing their property, hiring an inspector, and waiting for an offer. Many homeowners need to finalize a sale quickly.

Use We Buy Houses Ads To Sell Your Home Quickly?

Many of our clients have experienced some trauma. There are many reasons why people who have experienced trauma would want to sell their property quickly for cash. Some have experienced a hurtful divorce. Some have inherited property from a loved one who passed away. A natural disaster may have damaged their homes beyond their ability to repair it. Others are struggling financially and are in fear of foreclosure. When people experience trauma, they often feel overwhelmed, hopeless, and don’t know what to do.

Because many distraught homeowners feel defeated and despondent, We Buy Homes focuses our advertisements on social media platforms for everyone to see. Before reading one of our we buy houses Facebook ads, many of our clients did not know there are reliable and trustworthy equity purchasing agencies that could help them.

During the 2016 presidential election, 1 million dollars of Facebook ads were purchased daily by each campaign. Why did they spend so much money on Facebook? Because social media marketing works! We want to reach as many distressed homeowners as possible so our We Buy Houses ads are often viewed on Facebook.

We Buy Houses Ads

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    Have you gone through a painful divorce? Did a fire damage your home beyond your repair? Did you receive a work transfer that requires you to relocate immediately? Are you in pre-foreclosure and need a quick solution to avoid destroying your credit? There are so many reasons why a homeowner might want or need to sell their property quickly. No matter what your reasons are, We Buy Homes is here to help. Our well-designed methods were developed with you in mind.

    We are a large company with local agents nationwide. This means we have the financial backing of a large business and can bid cash offers without the delay of prior sells. Some smaller equity purchasing companies may offer cash while they are waiting for another property to sell. If their other property does not close quickly, you could be left waiting a long time. Or their other house deal could fall through completely which means they never secure the funding for your house and you could be back to square one after waiting months. If you need to sell your property quickly and need cash in hand immediately, don’t gamble with questionable bidders. We Buy Homes is a reliable and trustworthy equity purchasing company that is specifically designed to complete transactions fast with no added costs for the seller.

    The costs of listing your house can accumulate quickly. The usual rate for a listing agent is 6 % of your sales. The average time for any house to sell is three months, which means you continue to pay the mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, and any associated homeowners fees during that time. Plus, it takes time and money to keep a house clean, maintain the lawn, stage the house for viewings, and pay for inspections. By the time your house sells, you could thousands of dollars in the hole.

    For some people, this expensive and tedious process is not only uncomfortable, but it is also unfeasible. At We Buy Homes, we purchase property as-is. That means you do not need to hire an inspector. You do not need to clean or stage your house. You can leave the junk in debris for us to remove. You can even set your move out date to fit your schedule. Again, We Buy Homes is here to support you during the fast sale of your home.

    A Faster Way

    Types Of Houses We Buy

    As you will see on our We Buy Houses ads, we are interested in all types of properties in any condition. That includes neglected, run-down, or overgrown lots to well managed multimillion-dollar mansions. That includes single-family houses, condominiums, rowhouses, and commercial units. Regardless of the size or condition of the property, our aim is to assist sellers to lack the ability or desire to go through the typical listing methods.

    We are even interested in properties that are in undesirable areas. Is your home built in a flood zone? Has crime risen in your neighborhood recently? Is your property near a cemetery or an emergency response team? Don’t struggle to convince homebuyers to look at the house. We Buy Homes is interested in all types of properties in all areas.

    Did you know we may be able to increase the value of your home even if you don’t sell your house to us? Abandoned, neglected, or overgrown houses can run down the value of every home in the neighborhood. If a neighboring lot is abandoned and neglected, contact us. We can contact them with a fast cash offer and the owner may be motivated to sell.

    We Buy Houses Advertising

    How To Get Started

    The first step to working with We Buy Homes is to gather the specifications of your home. Think of all the important details of the house or property that you are selling. How many bedrooms does the house have? Is there a fireplace? Is the garage attached or detached? What is the size of the lot? How many acres are there? Once you have gathered all the specs, it is time to contact us.

    One simple way to contact us is through our We Buy Houses Facebook ads. At your convenience, you can send us your property information. One of our professional acquisition agents will be in contact with you shortly. You may also call us to talk to someone directly.

    Once we have your property information, we will set up an appointment for a viewing. One of our agents will meet you at your property to do a walkthrough. Unlike listing your house on the property market, you do not have to worry about cleaning, staging, or repairing anything before our assessment. Remember, we are here for your convenience.

    Why Work With Us?

    If listing your home has become an emotional, mental, or financial burden, rest assured that We Buy Homes has solutions to these problems. Our local acquisition agents are skillfully trained to help you resolve these issues quickly and to put money in your hand.

    We can even relieve financial burdens. Do you have liens on your house? Are you in pre-foreclosure? Don’t let these issues destroy your credit. We can help you close on your home quickly and provide the cash you need to protect your credit score.

    We Buy Homes concentrates on giving distressed property owners the help they need to find simple solutions for their problem properties. If you, or someone you know, are emotionally, mentally, or financially overwhelmed by the process of selling your home please contact us today. Find us today on our We Buy Houses Facebook ads!

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