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Do you need to sell your home fast? Has there been in death in your family, an agonizing divorce, or are you in pre-foreclosure? We understand. These situations can cause more stress than you can handle on your own. Opportunity investors, or equity purchasing companies, are designed to help distressed homeowners sell their homes quickly. We typically can close within thirty days. Unlike smaller cash for houses companies, we operate with large investment potential. That means we are not required to wait for financing. The process can be expedited and the entire exchange can happen instantly.

Are You Needing To Sell Your Home Quickly?

You may feel concerned about the condition of your home. Do you have severe structural damage? Is your roof falling apart? Or maybe you are located in an undesirable area, like next door to a cemetery or fire station. Don’t worry about it. We Buy Homes has seen it all! We understand how these situations happen. You can easily avoid extensive repairs and inspections by working with an equity purchasing company. Remember, our mission is to help homeowners close quickly. Therefore we buy homes as-is.

You may feel hesitant about working with a fast cash company. We understand and encourage you to remain cautious. Some smaller investors are not honest about their ability to pay cash for your house and inevitably waste your valuable time and money. Remain careful. One way to protect yourself is to ask for proof of funding from the acquisition agent who is offering you the money. At We Buy Houses, we are happy to provide proof of funds before you accept our offer.

You should also be cautious with elusive acquisition companies, avoid giving you their name, or do not have a website. If it feels like you have to hunt them down to talk to them, they most likely are avoiding unhappy customers. They don’t want to have a website or an online presence because their reviews would be too bad. We Buy Homes In USA and are available to answer any questions. Find us on Facebook, read our website, and give us a call.

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    Types Of Houses We Buy In The USA

    Did a relative pass away and leave you to deal with a house filled with junk? Are you suffering financially and need to find a solution before your house is foreclosed? Perhaps work has relocated you across the country and you need to report to your new job immediately.

    When you work with our experienced agents, they are prepared to offer cash for residential, commercial, and acreage. That means stand-alone houses, condos, townhouses, shacks, cottages, or cabins. It does not matter to us if your house is damaged, unoccupied, ignored, or perfectly maintained. You avoid having to list your property, pay brokerage fees, and searching for potential buyers.

    Homeowners experience all sorts of situations that need fast solutions. No matter the reason, We Buy Homes In USA is here to help. We specialize in finding solutions for distressed property owners who are struggling. Some of our clients have listings that have expired, or their homes are in probate, they are struggling to evict problem tenants, or their property is damaged beyond their ability to repair it.

    If you have liens, past-due taxes, or judgments that must be addressed before you sell your property, don’t worry. You can simply inform our acquisition agent of your situation. Typically, these costs can be dealt with at the point of sale. Simply stated, we buy homes in the US with cash and we pay closing costs.

    A Faster Way

    How To Get Started

    We know just how stressful and time-consuming selling a house can be. Finding a qualified listing agent, cleaning, staging, and repairing your home, hiring an inspector, and searching for the right buyers is enough work to make anyone panic.

    Not to mention this traditional method of listing a house costs money. Realtors typically charge 6% of your earnings. If you need a cleaning crew or debris removal, it can be expensive. Inspectors have a fee. And the longer your house sits on the market, waiting for the right offer, the longer you have to pay the mortgage, insurance, utilities, and taxes for a house you don’t want anymore. That eats into your earnings. We Buy Homes  has reduced and streamlined the process to be as simple as possible.

    Our first step in the process is for you to review the specifications of your property. Gather all the information you want us to consider as we calculate an offer. What is the square footage? What year was the home built? What type of property is it; a single-family home, condo, acreage? What type of foundation does it have? Be thorough and informative when gathering your home’s information.

    Once you gather all the information you would like to share with us, you can visit our website. You have the opportunity to upload information into our safe and secure database. We Buy Houses guarantees your property information is safe and protected. No matter the condition of your home or the situation you find yourself in, don’t worry. We have seen it all. Our team assists thousands of people, all over the USA, who are in similar situations as you.

    Once you have shared all the information with us that you would like us to consider, one of our professional agents will review your specifications. We will contact you and schedule a time to view your property. We Buy Homes In USA is a large nationwide company, but our local agents are well versed in your local market. We are trained in buying houses ‘wholesale’ and are always meticulous, fast, and fair.

    The final step, after we view your property, is for our agent to put together a cash offer. The offer is provided immediately taking into consideration all the specifications you supplied. We review your asking price and the market value of your home. We welcome you to ask questions so you feel confident and comfortable in the bid that we offer. Because we have the financial backing of a large company, once you accept our offer, the process is expected to be instantaneous. We have funds that do not require a mortgage.

    It doesn’t matter if you own a charming old cottage that is as pretty as a picture, or a dilapidated and abandoned shack that you don’t know what to do with. We Buy Homes is interested in investment properties of all types. We are excited to work with you.

    Why Work With Us?

    The average amount of time it takes to sell any home is three months. You can expect to spend more time if your house is located in an undesirable area or the building is distressed.

    Our professional and highly trained team are thorough, competent, and fair when assessing the cash value of your home. We Buy Homes in USA assists thousands of homeowners close quickly on unwanted properties. We are aware that selling a house on the market never goes quite as planned. If you need fast solutions, don’t be left vulnerable. Contact us today. What do you have to lose?

    If you meet with us and are unsatisfied with our offer, you are free to decline with no charge or penalty. Our assessment does not cost anything. We are free of risk or obligation.

    Furthermore, with We Buy Homes you don’t have to stress about moving out. You get to determine the closing date. Remember, our mission is to make your life easier. Just inform us of your timeframe and we will work diligently to meet your deadline. The local title company will finalize the paperwork, and they can take up to three weeks to complete the process.

    No matter your situation and your reasoning, if you need fast cash for our house, We Buy Homes In USA is here to help. Contact us today to meet with an agent and learn how you can receive a cash offer.

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