We Buy Houses Scams

Many homeowners feel nervous and apprehensive about cash-for-houses agencies. Those concerns are completely valid given the amount of we buy houses scams. There are frequent dishonest agencies who are not upfront about their funding or their intentions. We advise you to be cautious.

Needing To Sell Your Home But Worried About We Buy Houses Scams?

Though there are some agencies who prey on distressed homeowners, there are ways to protect yourself. We are here to help you identify trustworthy investment acquisition agencies and avoid predatory ‘we buy houses scams.’

The first step is to do your homework. If an agency is not upfront with its name, does not have a website, or they are elusive about their contact information, you can imagine that they are trying to hide something. Agencies that continuously scam their clients leave a trail of unsatisfied customers that could potentially leave scathing reviews. We buy houses scams often solicit homeowners without providing clear contact information or information about their agency.

One method that a scammer might use is to leave flyers on your door which read, “We buy houses for cash.” They might leave a number that only connects you to a voice recording. If you spend a lot of time hunting-down an elusive acquisition agent, you most likely are dealing with a ‘we buy houses scam.’

We Buy Houses Scams

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    Types Of Houses We Buy

    We Buy Homes pursues investment properties of all types. Our mission is to help distressed homeowners sell their properties fast for cash. Therefore, we are not concerned with the condition, the location, or the financial hurdles of any properties.

    Does a noise train pass by your window? Is there a fire station or a cemetery next door? Did a tree damage your roof or a fire scald your kitchen cabinets? Are you in pre-foreclosure or is there a lien on your house? The benefit of working with We Buy Homes is that you do not have to concern yourself with any of it. This is why we are here. We specialize in working with all of these issues.

    From dilapidated shacks on an overgrown property to palaces on manicured lawns, we are interested in all investment opportunities. That includes commercial properties, rowhouses, corner lots, condominiums, standalone houses, acreage, and multi-family units.

    Also, if there is an abandoned house or lot in your neighborhood running down the value of your home, we might be able to help. Did you know it is at least five times more difficult to sell a house, which is in perfect condition if it is neighboring an undesirable property? Our agents are prepared to look up the homeowners of abandoned or neglected properties to offer them cash. We find this can be beneficial to everyone involved. Give us a call today if there is an abandoned lot in your neighborhood.

    Avoid We Buy Houses Scams

    How To Get Started

    Our process is incredibly simple. We are here to make your life easier. We first just need to know the specifications of your property. What type of home are you selling? How many bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplaces, garages, basements, or acres does your property have? What is the vital information we should have when assessing the value of your home?

    When you call We Buy Homes, one of our professional acquisition agents will talk with you and take down your information. Then we will set up a meeting where we can quickly but thoroughly view your property to provide you with a reliable and fair cash offer. Unlike the cost of a listing real estate agent or an inspector, there is no fee or obligation associated with our meeting. After you meet with us, you are free to accept or deny our cash offer free of any penalty of out of pocket costs. You have absolutely nothing to lose by meeting with us.

    Why Work With Us?

    We Buy Homes is a large company with local agents nationwide. We have the financial backing of a big company with the personalized touch of local support. At the point of our offer, we can provide proof of cash funding.

    Unlike we buy houses scams, we are available and ready to answer questions and curb and doubts. Remember, we are here to make your life easier. We Buy Homes is an equity purchasing company that understands that the traditional method of selling a home is not comfortable or even possible for some homeowners. We want to help.

    If you are feeling emotionally, mentally, or financially drained from trying to sell your property, please give us a call today. Our standard procedures are designed to complete the sale fast with no additional cost for the homeowner. There is no risk involved. You could have cash in hand within a week.

    Call today to talk to one of our trustworthy acquisition agents about setting up a consultation.

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